Elisa Ferracane

Elisa Ferracane


12/25/2018: Summer with Google
I'll be interning with Google San Francisco, working with Praveen Paritosh.
5/21/2018: Summer Internship
I'll be spending the summer in Palo Alto, CA, as an intern at Salesforce Research, working with James Bradbury.
5/7/2018: Master's
I completed my Master's in Linguistics and am now one step closer to a PhD!

About me

I am a fourth year graduate student in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Texas at Austin, and an NSF GFRP 2017 Fellow.


I am interested in computational discourse analysis and how to capture the ambiguity and subjectivity of discourse in dialogue.

Publications (selected)

E. Ferracane, G. Durrett, J.J. Li, K. Erk. Evaluating Discourse in Structured Text Representations. ACL, 2019.[pdf] [bib] [code]

E. Ferracane, T. Page, J.J. Li, K. Erk. From News to Medical: Cross-domain Discourse Segmentation. NAACL RST Workshop, 2019.[pdf] [bib] [code] [slides]

E. Ferracane, S. Wang, R. Mooney. Leveraging discourse information effectively for authorship attribution. IJCNLP, 2017.[pdf] [bib] [code] [slides] [video]

E. Ferracane, I. Marshall, B. Wallace, K. Erk. Leveraging coreference to identify arms in medical abstracts: An experimental study. EMNLP LOUHI Workshop, 2016.[pdf] [bib] [code] [slides]




Elisa Ferracane
Linguistics Department
4.734 Robert L. Patton Hall (RLP)
305 E 23rd ST B5100
Austin, TX, USA 78712

email: elisa AT ferracane DOT com

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